Black Architecture
8 Storey's Gate
8 Storey's Gate
8 Storey's Gate
8 Storey's Gate
8 Storey's Gate
The ICE wanted an exemplar sustainable refurbishment project that improved communication. Big aspirations on a tight budget but we did it!
Black won an invited competition to design The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) 8 Storeys Gate environmental refurbishment project. Their brief called for a fivefold increase in occupation density, to accommodate all of the ICE's commercial divisions, previously located in a number of offices across London. Black's detailed brief set three key performance indicators. Improve communication between staff from different offices. Produce an exemplar sustainable refurbishment and be able to demonstrate its success. Create a democratic building that is accessible to all. The refurbishment process involved major structural changes, including installing a new core comprised of stair, lifts and toilets, together with sensitive fabric repairs to the Grade II listed fabric. A mixed mode conditioning strategy that operated passively whenever external conditions are appropriate is coupled with passive chilled beams and displacement ventilation, achieving a 72% reduction in CO² compared to the 60% benchmark.
Project Value

Institution of Civil Engineers
Killby & Gayford Ltd

BREEAM Office 'Excellent'
Improved thermal envelope
Mixed mode conditioning
Passive chilled beams
Energy performance display