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BRE Building 14
BRE Building 14
BRE Building 14
BRE Building 14
BRE Building 14
BRE Building 14
The refurbishment of our aging commercial building stock represents a major challenge; Black is working with BRE to come up with some solutions.
The Building Research Establishment (BRE) estimates over 10 million m2 of 1960's buildings creating 255,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum that require refurbishment if demolition is to be avoided. Black is working with the BRE on the research and development of a low cost refurbishment scheme that will be economically sustainable and deliver BREEAM Outstanding environmental performance. To reconcile this difficult challenge we have developed a concept that will create additional floorspace as part of the process to fund the refurbishment process. To prevent the need to decant staff from occupied buildings a modular floorplate and highly insulated and air tight façade module is installed prior to the removal of the existing façade to minimise disruption, along with a modular rooftop pavilion.

Planning Status
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Building Research Establishment
Permission granted

BREEAM Outstanding
Mixed mode conditioning
High performance envelope
Prefabricated modular façade
Photovoltaic array