Black Architecture
A passive conditioning strategy, powered by a protective PV Parasol and made using only locally produced materials, ensure that the value created by building remains in Haiti
FFollowing the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Digicel urgently needed to rebuild their showroom in Port au Prince. Black's submission for the invited competition proposed a design that would incorporate indigenous solutions rather than simply rely on imported foreign materials and components to ensure that the value created by the construction process was retained in Haiti's economy. The frame of the building is constructed from bamboo and infilled with a mixture of timber, translucent panels and glazing. The store is elevated above the ground to provide monsoon flood protection and brings the added benefit of providing a route for cool, fresh air for ventilation to enter the building at low level. A passive solar chimney drives passive ventilation, taking heat out of the interior and drawing fresh air in and serves as a beacon for the Digicel brand. The roof is a locally source bamboo space frame, with simple metal joints and acts as a "PV Parasol", supplying all of the energy required to operate the store, while minimising unwanted solar gains by shading the showroom during the long hot days.
Project Value

Ideas competition

BREEAM Excellent rating
Solar chimney
Locally sourced materials
Photovoltaic parasol