Black Architecture
An autonomous sustainable community providing an allotment plot for every residential unit contained within the Gasholder Triplet
The King's Cross Veggie Pods scheme makes efficient use of valuable urban land by stacking the plots around the inner edge of the Grade II Listed Gasholder No.8, creating a flexible, open air public venue at the heart of the development. This piece of new social infrastructure provides a space for community events and performances. The scheme is constructed from shipping containers that form the structure of the allotments, following refurbishment and fit out offsite they are delivered to site by canal or rail, an efficient low energy/waste construction process. The high recycled content results in low embodied energy and that is easily adapted or relocated, providing future flexibility. Water for irrigation, is obtained both by rainwater harvest, from the container roofs, and from grey water collection from the surrounding developments.

Argent (Kings Cross) Ltd
Ideas competition
Allotments & Public Realm

Upcycled shipping containers
Off-site manufacture
Rainwater harvesting
Reed bed filtered grey water
Photovoltaic array