Black Architecture
Floating high above the Liverpool skyline the InfoBox balloon locates the Tribeca development in the city and promotes the Urban Splash brand.
The Infobox establishes an ambitious benchmark for the sustainability of the development. In construction, operation and removal the Infobox is a carbon neutral development, achieved through the application of a range of renewable technologies. The balloon ride attracts visitors to the site, advertises the location of the development across the City and provides a new perspective from its dynamic viewing gallery. Three Savonius rotor wind turbines mounted on the gondola exploit higher wind speeds above the ground to generate power to run the InfoBox, supplemented by the balloons regenerative braking system. Prefabricated timber cassette panels are assembled from recycled plywood hoarding over a jointed timber frame, with straw bale infill providing a highly insulated envelope to the amenity pods. Solar thermal system provides space and water heating with rainwater harvested to flush the WC's. A green roof provides insulation, stormwater attenuation and enhanced the biodiversity.
Project Value

Urban Splash
Ideas competition

Reusable helium balloon
Regenerative braking
Recycled plywood hoarding
Straw bale insulation
Rooftop Solar thermal