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Leadenhall Street
Leadenhall Street
Leadenhall Street
Leadenhall Street
Leadenhall Street
Leadenhall Street
Hydrogen powered, carbon positive office tower in City of London applies a bio-climatic design philosophy to achieve a paradigm shift in office design
The form of the building was developed to create humane, high quality accommodation, with all occupants enjoying high levels of glare free natural lighting and direct views out. The floor plate has a maximum depth of fourteen metres, with a multi storey light well providing side lighting to the entrance and lower floors. The design of each facade of the tower responds to its orientation. The south elevation incorporates a vertical saw tooth profile with solar hydrogen cells providing shading. East and west elevations have vertically serrated facades with clear glass to the northerly faces and translucent glazing to the south, controlling glare and solar gains. The tower is powered by produced by the buildings integrated, hydrogen solar cells which fuel a hydrogen fuel cell.
Project Value

Polaska Assetts Ltd
Detailed feasibility

Solar hydrogen panels
Hydrogen fuel cell
Ground source heating & cooling
Borehole water supply
Savonious rotor wind turbine