Black Architecture
The scheme's holistic design creates a carbon neutral environment sequence that merges with the surrounding landscape to create a series of spaces that inspires, excites and educates visitors.
The design takes its inspiration from the principles of the Golden Section and the Fibonacci sequence. Visitor experiences the subtle rhythm of the "sequence" as they move through the site and it is embodied in the link between time, evolution and nature. The roof of the centre is conceived as a living, working plan housing the centre's plant storage, while offering a platform to collect solar power and rainwater and increasing biodiversity. The form generated by the rooftop raised beds and access walkways are imprinted on the soffit of the spaces below; establishing a visual and physical link between the building's lifecycle of seed production processes. The buildings are orientated towards the south to maximise the benefits of solar gain for both power generation and plant and flower growth. The concept for the building seeks to embody environment and social sustainability in its design, construction and operation. Our vision for the project is to create a carbon neutral environment that is exciting, functional and educational
Project Value

National Wildflower Centre
Ideas competition

Carbon neutral development
On-site power generation
Solar Photovoltaics
Rainwater harvesting
Increased biodiversity